Saturday Story Prompts [2020.04.11]

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1. Our gardens are sacred in a way no one can put to words, but every soul that travels through the city is drawn to them and every army that has laid siege has let them stand.

2. Flashlights aren’t much use against this kind of darkness, the thin beams are swallowed almost instantly by peat smoke and fog.

3. The road bleeds into the horizon, gray against gray as the miles slide by.

4. “Do you think there is anyone out there?” She leaned against the observation deck’s railing, but couldn’t quite touch the force field that held the vacuum at bay.

He shrugged. “Probably, but they’ll be dead long before we can get them.”

“Always the optimist,” she sighed.

5. Rockwyrms tunnel deep beneath the prairie with their handlers, feasting on the rich sandstone veins that line the banks of ancient rivers. Picky eaters, they spit out more valuable ores like dogs finding pills in cheese and are rewarded with chunks of granite and limestone.


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The road bleeds into the horizon, gray against gray as the miles slide by. Saturday Story Prompt. April 11, 2020
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