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Fan Fiction has its own archive and can be found here.
Flash Fiction prompt responses (mostly #vss365) can be found here.
Poetry/Songs are easiest to find by the tag (there’s a bunch of genres).
500 Words is a collection of rough draft flash fiction of varying genres.

Most Recent Updates

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Translation Failure: 988 words March 20, 2023 (500 Words)
It’s a long cold road between the stars. Another stab at a r/WritingPrompts response. (Science Fiction)

We Are the Children: 281 words October 5, 2022 (500 Words)
Making teenagers save the world is a kinda a crappy move, dude. r/WritingPrompts post. (Portal Fantasy)

Footnotes: 799 words July 10, 2022 (500 Words)
Relationships grown in the margins. A reply to a r/WritingPrompts post. (Science Fiction)

‘Verse-less Stories

Shorter stories that don’t have their own ‘verse are grouped on these pages in chronological order.

Urban Fantasy | High Fantasy | Science Fiction

Behold, the ‘Verses!

These links will take you to the ‘verse page which has an overview and links to all current finished and wip projects set within that universe.

Worldbook for Musefics: Why? Because reasons!

High Fantasy

[NULL] : Wolpertingers, sidekicks, and questing, oh my! A NaNoWriMo novella that’s mostly MuseFic and getting a feel for the actual story. Also has a prequel prep-fic A Tunnel At the End of the Light.

[YANS] (Yet Another New Story) : Vengeance, dragons, magic, and oracle pools. A NaNoWriMo novel with MuseFic and the decent bones of a plot. Has a prequel prep-fic Words Before Worlds.

Dead Roses’verse : A jaunt into a Beauty and the Beast variant where there was never a Beauty to save him. One main story and some drabbles & MuseFic I need to post.

Foxhawk’verse : Foxhawks, humans, societies built on reliable precognition, and other chaos! One main rough draft of a story (NaNoWriMo) and one main MuseFic (another NaNoWriMo effort).

The Gate to Fenrith Lei : Portal story about a mom who follows a cat into the fantasy world her husband and daughter created. Unfinished, rough draft.

Listener’verse : Low-tech frontier with ghosts and people who listen/talk to them. Flash fiction, short stories, and one stab at something longer that never went anywhere.

Of Demons, Dark Magic, and Kibble : Rough draft NaNoWriMo MuseFic story about a bunch of animals who head out to save the world.

Songs of the Summer God : A world with two kinds of magical companion animals who are at war and the humans caught in the middle. Short stories, flash fiction, and one longer story that isn’t finished.

Urban/Suburban Fantasy

Baron’verse : Silverwitches and werewolves. A NaNoWriMo rough draft, a sort of finished short story, some flash fiction, and a few MuseFics.

Bitter Mint’verse : not-James Bond/SHEILD with empaths and werewolves. Mostly MuseFic (meta rough drafting) and so far out of canon that the fandom would be horrified.

Dogs of the Never Never’verse : Ghost dogs, ghost deer, and the humans who are unwillingly tasked with defending the Veil between Life and Death. One main rough draft of a story (NaNoWriMo) and one main MuseFic (another NaNoWriMo), plus various drabbles.

Goodbye : Rough draft of a story about a wedding, childhood promises, and lots and lots of magical critters. Prequel story is Bunnies Always Lie.

Tales of the Drunken Unicorn : Adventures of an unimpressed college student who accidentally becomes a Magical Guardian and her even more unimpressed unicorn partner. A bunch of short story drafts, flash fiction, and MuseFic worldbuilding. There’s a NaNoWriMo project (or two) in here, but short story focused.

Too Old for Neverland : notPeter who steals away children and a notWendy who tries to bring them home. Flash Fiction, short stories, and lots of MuseFic.

Whistling in the Dark : What happens when Good loses and a thousand years of darkness begins. Silly, tropey, and contains Imaginary Gate Team 5! One long unfinished story (NaNoWriMo) and a bunch of short stories and flash fiction.

Science Fiction/Science Fantasy

[Placeholder] : Kidnapping, lots of aliens, and a buddy road trip (only not). A NaNoWriMo novel that has some MuseFic, but also a plot (scarily enough). Has a prequel prep-fic Chasing Falling Stars.

Blackguards and Plaster Saints : Aliens wars and high-tech hijinks. Collection of flash fiction set on Earth and in the Fleet during various times in the Hundred Years War.

In Dreams of Trees : A romp in a city that exists between dimensions/universes. A NaNoWriMo novel that’s all over the place and needs a lot of love.

Rabbit’verse : Firsts whose job it is to make contact with alien sentiments. Short stories, flash fiction, and some world-building.

Skipping Stones : People who become accidentally immortal because of malfunctioning space travel. Flash fiction and short stories.