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  • All These Molehills

    View From The Molehill is an odd category and I was waffling over whether to post a yearly sum-up for it. Other than the book reviews (which lasted two library runs) and setting up the treadmill computer, it’s mostly ramblings on how being an adult is Hard™. First World Problems, I can haz. *sighs* But […]

  • Herds and Herds of Horses

    Last year was an interesting year in terms of horses. I finished two customs (Elmhurst and Gesundheit), started a few others, and basically spent the year uploading horses that I had painted in 2005 and earlier. So there were a LOT of horses, some backdated to 2010 and thus not appearing in the list, but […]

  • Looking Back at 2011’s Grand Plans™

    This is the smallest of the yearly updates, but probably the most impactful in terms of what’s planned for 2012. Sure, the three NaNo’s, fifty-two horses, and 366 miles aren’t to be sneezed at, but starting the small business again will make a much larger (and longer lasting) impact on my day-to-day life. This year […]

  • A Year and Two Novels

    A Year and Two Novels

    Notebooks Away! Last year was an interesting year in terms of writing. While both of my NaNo attempts were sporadic in terms of meeting daily writing goals, I did get back in the habit of posting the Saturday Story Prompts consistently. Due to the unexpected arrival of Camp NaNoWriMo in July and August, my summer […]

  • So Long 2011!

    So Long 2011!

    Last year I had a blast coming up with 335 (approx) daily new year’s resolutions. Did I manage to keep them all? Well, no, not even close—but I did end up checking off a lot more of them than I had thought I would. As tempted as I was to simply repeat the list here […]