All These Molehills

Garbage Day, My Nemesis!

View From The Molehill is an odd category and I was waffling over whether to post a yearly sum-up for it. Other than the book reviews (which lasted two library runs) and setting up the treadmill computer, it’s mostly ramblings on how being an adult is Hard™.

First World Problems, I can haz. *sighs*

But I figured it couldn’t hurt and it will be a nice measuring stick for next year’s round-up. Plus I had some good ideas last year, even if I didn’t quite get around to implementing them—and it can’t hurt to give it another go! (more…)

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Herds and Herds of Horses

Ye Olde Shoebox of Wonder

Last year was an interesting year in terms of horses.

I finished two customs (Elmhurst and Gesundheit), started a few others, and basically spent the year uploading horses that I had painted in 2005 and earlier.

So there were a LOT of horses, some backdated to 2010 and thus not appearing in the list, but not a lot of new stuff. You can see the non-model posts in green below, which are pretty darned scarce.

Still, it was a fun year and having the horses to fill in the posting gaps allowed me to have something posted every single day of the year—not bad eh? *grin* It remains to be seen if I can pull that off without the horses this year… (more…)

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Looking Back at 2011’s Grand Plans™

Learning From My Mistakes

This is the smallest of the yearly updates, but probably the most impactful in terms of what’s planned for 2012.

Sure, the three NaNo’s, fifty-two horses, and 366 miles aren’t to be sneezed at, but starting the small business again will make a much larger (and longer lasting) impact on my day-to-day life.

This year there will be more informational posts, based on my own learning curve. I’ll be covering things as I hit them, but I’ll also be revisiting topics as I learn more or change my stance. Businesses are meant to be fluid things and buyers are a fickle breed! (more…)

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