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  • Once More, With Feeling!

    Once More, With Feeling!

    2016 has been a weird sort of year. On the one hand, nothing much has happened in my small portion of the universe, but looking outside that bubble you can see the hurricane of events. There’s some breaks in the clouds, but there was a lot of darkness invading the lives of folks I love and […]

  • Twelve Months and a Dragon

    Twelve Months and a Dragon

    This has been a year, omg. I had good intentions, I did, but things got so crazy so quickly that I just lost track of everything beyond ‘get up, go to work, come home, sleep’. I was so far into the tunnel vision that I thought I hadn’t accomplished much this year until I started making the list. Part […]

  • The Year That Was (So Long 2014!)

    The Year That Was (So Long 2014!)

    It’s been a long chaotic year, filled with twists and turns and a lot of ‘getting stuck in ruts’ that leave me feeling less accomplished than I normally do in these reviews. Looking back, I never set any solid goals for this year, which may have been the problem. I’m itching to start off the […]

  • They Shouted, Reveling

    Title is from the poem The Shortest Day which is one of my favorite things from the Christmas Revels performances. (We’ll ignore the fact that the solstice was on the 21, not the 31.) 2013 has wound to a close and while I may not have checked much off my list, I had a blast […]

  • Hyvästi 2012!

    Hyvästi 2012!

    2012 was a year of lots of changes. Lots of changes. *sighs* Some good, some bad, and some that are still waiting on the new year for news (possible IT job, woot!). Unlike 2011 and it’s 335ish Resolutions, 2012 had a less impressive list but it’s time to check things off… …and amusingly, I didn’t […]