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  • Category K.I.S.S.

    Category K.I.S.S.

    I’m starting to look at the overall organization of the blog again because Google Analytics is showing that a lot of folks are single-page visitors (average pages per session is 1.85). I’d love to get them to hang around a bit longer… and that means rearranging the blog a bit. So I sat back, and […]

  • DeTheming and other Fancy Things

    DeTheming and other Fancy Things

    As part of my push to simplify the blog I’ve decided to put aside my custom Boilerplate childtheme (due to the fact WordPress was stupid and I can’t get it updated easily anymore.) Of course that also means I have to go back in and start either tweaking my site and content to fit the […]

  • De-Categorizing the Blog

    De-Categorizing the Blog

    The first day of the Intentional Blogging Challenge was today and our assignment was to write (or rewrite) our About Me pages. The last time I touched mine was back in 2010, so the old version definitely needed some tweaking. It still mentioned the Mega-blog that I created when I rolled everything back into the […]