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  • Oh Look, Another Tax… Yay.

    Yesterday I got a personal property tax bill in the mail for ‘Business Equipment.’ Considering the main tools of my trade are little plastic horses, sandpaper, paintbrushes, paint, notebooks, pens (and index cards! :D)… I was confused as to where the $1k of equipment was coming from.

  • Submitting the ST-9 Online (or: Virginia Sales Tax, Redux)

    I got a nice note in my PO box last month from Virginia Department of Taxation… which politely said ‘Use Our Online Forms or PERISH!’ Well, okay, not perish… more like ‘Oh look, the internet exists! Let’s use that instead!’ But since I’ve been wanting to file online (and save myself the stamp), now’s as […]

  • Surviving the ST-9 (Virginia Sales Tax)

    Surviving the ST-9 (Virginia Sales Tax)

    (NOTE: This post was written in 2012 and the tax rates and form appears to have changed significantly since then.) February has arrived and it’s time to do January’s ST-9! Although the Sales Tax payment isn’t due until the 20th, I’ve found it’s always easier to do it on the first when I do all […]

  • Just the Tax, Ma’am

    One of the sad realities to working for myself is that my goal income really isn’t my goal income. For instance, say I’d like to be bringing in $30,000 a year (or a little over $2,000 a month) in order to feel comfortable in my normal spending habits. Assuming our debts continue on their current […]