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Tweaking the World of Warcraft User Interface via addons

  • Dual-boxing Hunters : Starting Addon and UI Configuration

    Dual-boxing Hunters : Starting Addon and UI Configuration

    The very first thing I do when setting up a new dual-boxing pair is to make sure all the graphic settings on the follower (in this case Yon) are turned to the lowest settings. I can normally bump it up a bit, depending on how bad the lag is (much lower now that we’ve switched […]

  • No love, Bartender, no love.

    I finally hit 15 today on my hunters (Day 2 post coming soon!) and headed into a random dungeon. The first couple of pulls went fine and then the keybinds for everything stopped working on my main toon. Of course I didn’t notice this right off, since my follower was doing everything as if the […]

  • SexyMap : Leader

    SexyMap : Leader

    Addon Link: SexyMap I’ve already got Stringtheory setup with this addon, so now it’s time to get Overdraft figured out. As you can see from the ‘before’ screenshot, I could actually probably just use the default map. It’s the right placement and approximately the right size… but I’ve become very fond of the square maps […]

  • Power Auras Classic : Stringtheory

    Power Auras Classic : Stringtheory

    Power Auras Classic is an addon that lets you add visual cues to the game and can be configured thousands of ways. This is by far my favorite addon for any of my characters because it allows me to tweak how the game interacts with me. Since Stringtheory will have a tiny tiny screen it […]

  • Bartender4 : Stringtheory

    Bartender4 : Stringtheory

    Bartender4 is a bar modification addon that allows you to position, resize, and do just about anything actually, to the action bars. Since it has nine thousand settings, I’m only covering the changes from default settings. Bars 1 through 3 – enabled and set to a 3×4 instead of straight lines. (Although at the low […]