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  • Worldbuilding: Travelers – Infection

    Things are infected by: (per Common Knowledge in the Worlds) 1. Direct contact with the stone 2. Being born to an infected mother 3. Being bitten by an infected animal (ooo, stone wolves! heh ^_^) Which could mean it’s a blood-born pathogen, which means the chances of infection are higher than the three common assumptions, […]

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers – The Nothing Stone

    Is literally a chunk of nothing/void/nonexistence. It ‘infects’ every living thing that touches it, and every time it shifts realities/worlds the infected things follow. The stone is about the size of a closed fist (is there any other kind of fist?) and feels temperature neutral to the touch. It has no weight, no smell, no […]

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers

    Working Titles Migration Peregrinate (def.To travel about or journey on foot.) The Nothing Stone Falling to -blank-? Travelers (boring) … Story = [(Stargate + Sliders) – Technology] * (Valdemar – Lifebonds) Genre: Fantasy Modifiers: Epic? Second World? Basic Premise: A group of travelers moving between worlds, uncontrollably relocated from reality to reality at the whim […]