Tag: Story: Super Sekrit Project

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers – Void Bunnies

    Well first off, I refuse to call them Void Bunnies, but until I think of another name, it’ll do. *sighs* Void Bunnies are largish black hares, roughly equal in mass to a Corgi or Yorkshire Terrier. Which means, being hares, that they are significantly larger than either dog, as hares tend towards the lean side. […]

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers

    Other than the obvious, of course… ^_~ heh Since they translate with only what is in hand, that means there are no carts, no carriages, nothing but foot travel or mounted travel. Although something small might be possible if there were enough people sitting on it at the time. But since the translations are unexpected, […]

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers – Immortality

    Travelers can only be affected by things from their home world, or other travelers. Thus they will die of old age, pathogens caught at home (or from cohorts), and violence at the hands of things from home (or cohorts). The invulnerability holds onto to living cells, so hair and whatnot is still vulnerable to damage. […]

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers – Translations

    I suppose I could call them ‘teleports’ or ‘reality shifts’ or something more dramatic, but really all they do is fall from one reality/world into another. As plant life rarely survives the move, only the ambulatory species tends to survive long term. Translations feel like falling, so I suppose that’s what folks would call them. […]

  • Worldbuilding: Travelers – Stonebearer

    Since the infected folks found out relatively quickly that it was the stone causing the problem, they’ve taken to carrying it around with them. This reduces the number of things that join them on their travels (such as large predators) and makes the natives slightly less hostile. The Nothing Stone is carried by a designated […]