Breyer G1 Stablemate Standing Foal

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ROL Partly Cloudy

ROL Partly Cloudy (Breyer Stablemate)

ROL Partly Cloudy

This little guy was a custom order (Add-a-Foal?) and is owned by RayovLight Creations. He can be seen on their website along with a few other G2 SB’s that might look familiar. *grin*

Cloudy was one of my later customs, as you can tell by the photos and I do like the way he turned out. He has a wispy white pattern, similar to Pouca Nuvem and I think it matches his name quite well. I did a lot of customs for RayovLight and I’m so happy to see them still hanging out on the shelves! 🙂


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Irish Latte

Irish Latte (Breyer Stablemate)

Irish Latte

This little guy was painted as a match to Irish Espresso, hence the suitably puny name. Espresso was part of my photo show string for a bit and I don’t remember if I painted this little guy for the fun of it or as an Add-a-Foal request.

(I’ve finally found the box with all the printouts from the old business, so hopefully I’ll be able to piece things together soon.)

Otherwise, not a whole lot to say about Latte. He was one of my earlier customs, as you can tell from the bad photos, and he has a pretty simplistic minimal tobiano pattern.

He’s got realistic eyes, carved ears and nose. The green is even a nice soft baby fuzz color– technically he’s a green chestnut and not a green bay, but that’s getting a little nitpicky I think.

Still, he’s a cute little guy, even if a tad blurrier than I would have liked…


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Punkin (Breyer Stablemate)


Nothing like a little glossy attitude to brighten up a shelf!

This little gal was done around Halloween, hence the name, and was one of the few foals that I sold individually.

Foals rarely sold for as much as adults and the time and material costs were high enough that it wasn’t effective to sell them individually. But when I listed her at the adult price, she was snapped up the first time out on eBay.

This was one of the later horses I painted and probably one of the last standing foals I’ll get to customize. Since Breyer has phased out all of the G1 molds, these little guys are going to be few and far between. *sighs*

But she turned out great, so at least I have no regrets! *grin*

The white really popped on this model, I think because of the gloss. Also, using the pastels to blend the black points really helped keep the orange bright.

One of the real headaches with blending yellow and orange with black is that it tends to turn unappetizing colors. Thanks to the pastels there was no actual blending of the black and orange, just a gradual layering to tie the two colors together.


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Unnamed Custom Foal (Breyer Stablemate)


Yet another unnamed foal with no records to say where it was from or who it was for… I seem to be rather good at doing that. *sigh*

The resculpting was limited to adding feathering to the legs and adding a bit to the face to pull him out of the more generic ‘I am a foal’ look.

The pattern is a very basic minimal black tobaino, but I should have painted him as more of a baby black and not the solid dark coloring. Ah well, he was one of my earlier customs, so live and learn!

I do love this mold though… wish Breyer hadn’t replaced the old H-R Stablemates!


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Portrait Horse: Lace (Breyer Stablemate)


I think this little gal was a custom ordered portrait horse that I think came in on the same order with Sierra. Someday I will find the notes and all these little mysteries will be cleared up… but for now I’ll just have to guess.

As you can see by the photos, my Lace is much too red and any attempt at shading was pretty much tossed to the wind. I’m not sure if I was just having problems with the smaller size of the foal or if the old computer monitor tinted the picture somehow. *pokes model*

This is one of the few horses that I desperately wish I could replace—I know I could do so much better now and it’s frustrating to look at her.


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