Inheritance (Songs of the Summer God)

Verse: Songs of the Summer God  (High Fantasy, Magical Companion Monsters)
Wordcount: 4,425 words
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Mellie was six when her brother died.

Please note this is the working/rough draft copy of the story! While it’s complete, there are issues with consistent tone, pacing, and my normal grammar kerfluffles. I am currently looking for Beta Readers, thusly, I’d love feedback if you’d like to leave some!


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The Deadly Middles (Songs of the Summer God)

Because stories.

This is a Musefic to help me work out the kinks in the Inheritance short story. Thus spoilers!

“I like the beginning, I like the end, but this middle!” The Writer glared at her desk on which the offending short story marinated. “Oh my god, the middle.”

“You have an outline,” pointed out her Muse from her sprawl on the couch. “You made me help with that as I remember.” She was busy reading through the pile of old abandoned stories. “Ooo, how about this! Bringing Sarah Home instead?”

“No, I’m finishing this one.” The Writer picked the printout up and then put it down again. “Somehow.”

“Fine, fine,” said the Muse and reluctantly put down the other stories. “What scenes do we have left?”


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