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  • Library Fines and New Year’s Irresolutions

    Right now I owe the library $25.40 in late fees. Which isn’t that bad, considering the books were due April 20th (fines cap out at $5.00 a book). Not quite enough to buy used copies of all the books, but close. Part of this is due to the fact that I made a pile of […]

  • Read Moar Books #003

    I actually started reading the third book in the middle of reading the 4-Hour Work Week when I needed a break from the madness! Another ‘normal’-sized book (8.9 x 5.5) with 257 pages counting the Appendix and published in 2010, this looked like a nice solid read, hopefully packed with useful (and timely) information. I […]

  • Read Moar Books #002

    The second book was the first one I pulled from the shelf at the library, solely based on the fact that I recognized the title. This turned out to be a mistake, but at least I can put it on my ‘books I can admit to having read’ list. That being said, I’m not going […]

  • Read Moar Books #001

    The first book from the pile to read was also the first book I’ve ever read by Seth Godin. He’s gotten many a rave review so I nabbed the first book by him that I could find. Apparently folks like to steal his books, since many of the are marked as ‘extremely overdue’ or ‘missing.’ […]

  • Read Moar Books!

    Read Moar Books!

    I miss school, I miss learning, and really– that’s my own fault. The library exists to fill my brain with new an interesting things and I’ve been ignoring it in favor of Ye Olde Internets. (Which, while entertaining, really haven’t taught me as much.) Having read maybe a handful of books last year, I vowed […]