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  • Minor Course Corrections

    Minor Course Corrections

    I got caught up in offline life over the past week, but I’m trying to get things back on course. The missing Saturday Story Prompts and World of Treadcraft posts will be up tonight or tomorrow. I have a handful of custom model horses to post, the last few leveling posts for the Shadow Priests […]

  • Building a Posting Buffer

    Building a Posting Buffer

    I’m almost back to my post-a-day schedule and in order to keep things solidly on track (not that it ever has been) I need to build up a buffer of posts that I can fall back on in case I go on vacation/get sick/get distracted/etc. The problem with writing buffer posts is that they have […]

  • After the Storm

    After the Storm

    The influx of traffic from WoW Insider and the Sixth Meme seems to have tapered off again without leaving a lasting effect (not surprising considering the tiny niche of WoW-dom that my sub-blog covers) and I’m feeling less out-of-place posting non-WoW things. Which is silly since 83.33% of the megablog is just that… but anywho. […]

  • Patching The Gaps

    Patching The Gaps

    Once again I’m running behind on my posting schedule—so look for the missing World of Treadcraft and The Wolves We Are posts to show up tonight or tomorrow morning. In order to keep this from happening again planned out the posts for the rest of February (and am hashing out a general outline for the […]

  • Outlining November’s Posts

    Outlining November’s Posts

    Since I’ll be buried up to the gills in NaNoWriMo I’m trying to get all of November’s posts in queue before the month starts. I am planning on writing some posts on the fly, but basing my assumptions off previous NaNo months—there won’t be many. This means I need to take a slightly more organized […]