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The Editing Chainsaw

Predictably Unpredictable

Blogging consistently has never been an easy goal for me, but this year I’ve managed post to the MegaBlog every day. The downside to this is that the model horse ‘filler’ posts have taken over some weeks. While the horse to non-horse posting ratio has improved, it’s nowhere near where I was hoping it would be five months in.

Things are getting better, but apparently I need to work a little bit harder at failing upwards. (more…)

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The Editing Chainsaw

Herding Cats and Sorting Sand

Things to Come (+Hulu)

Setting up a posting schedule has always been a bit of a pain, even before the blogs were combined. As you can tell by the multitude of model horse posts, I’ve been having to resort to filler in order to keep up with my ‘post a day’ goal.

Now that the front page only shows the most recent post from each category, the model horse invasion isn’t as obvious… but the fact that I haven’t posted recently in some of the categories is.


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