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  • What Makes a Good Writer?

    The writing group I’m part of at a local library has changed leadership and the first homework assignment is to bring two things to Wednesday’s meeting. The first was a plan for what we are going to be working on (and why) and the second is an essay on what makes a good writer. I’ll […]

  • I Need an Impossible Dream

    It occurred to me today that I have no true life goals. I have a bunch of things that would be nice to have happen, but nothing that drives me with the fear of failure or inspires me with the fire of true callings. I watch the people who do have that spark accomplish improbable […]

  • I’ll Be An Artist/Writer When…

    Margaret’s post I Feel Like a Fake. Anyone Else? caught me at just the right moment this morning. I’d been wading through my old short stories trying to find bones to wrap NaNoWriMo wordcounts around, all while pushing aside art projects so I could see my desk. She asked the question: What will it take for you […]

  • Turning off Blog Comments (or: Welcome to Spam-me-not!)

    Turning off Blog Comments (or: Welcome to Spam-me-not!)

    For every actual comment I get on this blog I get several thousand spam posts. Thanks to Akismet, Anti-Captcha, and Bad Behavior most of them never make it farther than the spam folder. But over the last year I’ve seen a massive spike in these failed attempts and the amount of actual comments has trailed […]

  • The Inn Between Worlds (NaNoWriMo 2014)

    I’ve decided to embrace the silly this year, it’s been a long time since I’ve thrown the story out the window and chased wild tangents on purpose. The best results I’ve ever gotten out of NaNo have come when I stopped being serious and embraced the absurdity of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. So […]