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What Makes a Good Writer?

Drafts of dreams and nightmares…

The writing group I’m part of at a local library has changed leadership and the first homework assignment is to bring two things to Wednesday’s meeting. The first was a plan for what we are going to be working on (and why) and the second is an essay on what makes a good writer.

I’ll go into what I’m working on in a later post, since that gets a little complicated, but as for the essay…


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Camp NaNoWriMo (July) Approacheth!

Try, Try Again…

Yes, it’s that time again… wordcounts once again wait in the wings to pounce on me the first!

After a string of failed NaNoWriMos I’m a bit leery of this one. But I haven’t purposefully sat out a NaNo yet, so I think I’m just going to set an incredibly small goal (again) and work up from there.

I was originally going to do a proper 50k novel, but life-not-related-to-NaNo is set for a major upswing in July and I don’t really want to embrace failure that soon. So 10k it is, and hopefully this time I’ll make it! (more…)

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The Wolves We Are Cover Art (Rough)

TWWA, Take 2!

In preparation for April Camp NaNoWriMo’s eBook bonanza I’ve been trying to get cover art done for all the stories in the queue. The Saturday Story Prompt covers are easy (if time consuming), but the other stories are a bit harder…

The basic goal for an eBook cover (for me) is to get something simple that scales well and can be read easily all the way down to 75×100. Last check, both Amazon and Smashwords displays the thumbnails at 100×150, so I might need to revise that strategy upwards. *pokes image*

I think it turned out okay, although at the full resolution (1800×2400) it looks a little rough because it’s not true vector art. I really need to save up and buy Photoshop someday. Or learn how to properly use Gimp. Or just pay someone to design proper covers. (more…)

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