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  • 18 Weekends and Counting

    There are now 120 days left in 2011 and Iā€™m starting to buckle down and get this business plan off the ground. If all goes well I should be ready to roll into 2012 with posts in queue, product in place, and everything shiny. But making plans = good, putting plans into action = better. […]

  • Of Horses and Words

    Of Horses and Words

    One of the things that sets me apart from other folks dreaming entrepreneurial dreams is that I’m focusing on building a retirement income, not a replacement for my day job. I expect the bulk of the work to happen now and the bulk of the income to happen later, which is at cross-purposes to everyone […]

  • Starting Small ā€“ Cost Neutral Hobbies

    Since the theme for this month is baby steps, I’ve decided to find ways to make my favorite hobbies a cost neutral exercise. This would allow me to continue to enjoy my down-time if money gets tight when my husband goes back to school and to experiment within the available markets. I will be using […]