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  • Saturday Story Prompt Collections – Take 2

    So after poking around with the idea of doing a Saturday Story Prompt collection I came to the realization that I can’t rationalize charging someone a dollar just to take 4-5 previous blog posts and bundle them together. To counter that I’d planned on adding ‘new’ prompts to those collections– but it seemed sort of […]

  • Why I’m Using Amazon Payments Instead Of PayPal

    I’ve heard horror stories about PayPal for almost as long as the company has existed. There are numerous websites about the various folks they’ve taken money from and sellers that they have screwed over. I actually setup a second bank account back when I did this the first time, just so PayPal wouldn’t have access […]

  • The First 42

    Hammering out a sales plan to meet the January 2012 income goal is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Going into this project I was fairly confident that the first $42 would be the easiest to earn, after all I’d made that easily when I was doing only model horses, right? Well, […]

  • Quarters For College (or: Income Goals for 2012)

    Quarters For College (or: Income Goals for 2012)

    Due to some shuffling of future plans, it looks like the business needs to start picking up some expected income drop-offs come 2013. So instead of ambling into next year, I need to ramp things up a little faster than I had planned on. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not trying to make a living […]

  • Stocking the Shelves

    Well, this little project didn’t quite turn out as planned. I figured I’d sort through the piles and make a list of things that were finished and Ready-for-Sale (RfS)– but I have one thing for that list and a very very long list of Work-in-Progress (WiP) pieces that will probably be finished by January 1st. […]