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  • Of Pins and Prompts

    Of Pins and Prompts

    I’m taking a stab at using the Saturday Story Prompts to bring in more traffic from Pinterest… time to break out the spreadsheets and have some fun!

  • Looking forward to NaNoWriMo!

    Looking forward to NaNoWriMo!

    It’s time once again to start making plans for November… of course my plans rarely survive contact with the 1st, it’s still fun to try! 🙂 Since last year’s post-a-day worked well for [Placeholder], I’m going to try it again with the new book. I’m also going to follow on the heels of Chasing Falling […]

  • Couch to 1.667k : the Camp NaNoWriMo wordcount adventure!

    It’s once again time to start mulling over what sort of project I want to do for the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo! In the past I’ve done attempts at proper 50k novels, short story collections, books about writing books, and even one stab at doing an outline for the November novel (which I then tossed […]

  • When I Grow Up…

    I won a 30-min coaching/strategy session in a random-draw survey contest over at Story Bistro and I find myself in the odd position of having to put some serious thought into my long-term business plan. Or, at this point, my lack-of-a-business plan. Téa is an awesome person (check out her blog if you haven’t stumbled […]

  • Micro Mini Shipping Methods, Redux

    I’ve been using USPS Priority Mail for all my Etsy listings, which works out to roughly $6.51 for VA to CA shipping for a 5oz package. The boxes are free and the tracking number is included, so it seems like a good deal– right? Well not when you pair it with an $11 horse! It […]