Photographing model horses for sale and for photo shows, from techniques to general overviews

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A Simple Studio Setup

Stablemate Photography

A Simple Studio Setup

I’ve been meaning to translate my Facebook Gallery about Model Horse Photography Basics into a proper blog post for a while now… marry that up to my vow of finishing draft posts and here it is!

This post is about the various settings I use to photograph model horses in 1:32 (Breyer Stalemate) scale and smaller. The same things can be used for larger scales with a few tweaks. This post doesn’t cover image editing, white balances, etc. just Av, F-stops, and ISOs!

The Basics

  • F# Lens Aperture, F# (F5 -> F32)
    smaller number = more light, larger number = more depth of field
  • Av Shutter Speed, 1/x (1/15 -> 4)
    larger number = more light
  • ISO Film Speed, ISO (100 -> 1600)
    larger number = more grainy, more light


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