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Photographing model horses for sale and for photo shows, from techniques to general overviews

  • Stablemate Photography

    Stablemate Photography

    I’ve been meaning to translate my Facebook Gallery about Model Horse Photography Basics into a proper blog post for a while now… marry that up to my vow of finishing draft posts and here it is! This post is about the various settings I use to photograph model horses in 1:32 (Breyer Stalemate) scale and […]

  • How to Build a Lightbox

    How to Build a Lightbox

    Now that everyone is unpacked, it’s time to start getting better photos of the Home Herd… only I threw out my last lightbox when I was cleaning (an unfortunate victim of The Great Mouse War). So it’s time to build a new one! Only this time, I figure I should make a plan before I […]