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  • Young ShivaPuppeh on the couch

    The Fluff Abides

    Fourteen years was a good run, dearest fluff, but not enough. Never enough.

  • Sir Buckethead the Gallant

    After they year this has been, I’ve held off on posting about the new dog we got in August until I was sure he was going to stay. After the nightmare that was the corgiador, I was a little gun shy and I didn’t want to jinx things. But this little (ha!) pound puppy has […]

  • Draco and Shiva Sleeping on the Deck

    The Dog That Wasn’t

    Since Rocko passed I’ve been on the hunt for another dog to keep Shiva company. We’d thought we found the perfect mutt in the Corgiador, but the adorkable cuteness hid a dog with significant issues. The rescue initially said he was crate trained, housebroken, and had issues with other dominant dogs, but was fine with outdoor […]

  • The Corgador

    Behold, The Corgiador! (Laborgi? Corador? Labradorgi?)

    I was planning on getting lots of writing and artwork done this weekend… and then there was dog! And while I did get some things done, it pretty much just devolved into ‘loving on the new dog’ once the rescue decided we’d make a good home for him. On that note, Shout out to Misfit […]

  • Corgi Weather Forecasting

    So Long Corgiboy, I’ll Miss You…

    In October of 2009 our world was suddenly improved with the addition of a hand-me-down corgi named Rocco (aka Rocko) ((aka Rockstar)) (((aka Corgiboy))) and on Saturday he quietly took his last curtain call. My family has a long history of corgidom and I thought I knew what to expect… but this tricolored little dude […]