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  • *laughs*

    Okay, this makes my day a little better.. I send in a ‘First 150 words’ to Evil Editor for his minions to play with and look what I got! New Beginning 120 Miss Snark! *giggles* Poor Carol… ^_~ … and I keep thinking I need to try harder at this writing stuff. People seem to […]

  • To Every Season (Pencil)

    Carol was not in the habit of showing off. Senile and eccentric were labels she could live with, psychic was not. But it was that time again, and even after all these years she still found herself outside Bellevue Hospital, braving the wintry cold of a New York Christmas Eve. She had the cards tucked […]

  • Pencil

    Title: Pencil (Working Title) Author: Martha (and cat) Draft: First/Rough Current Word Count: 1,204 Last Edit: 10/19 at 4:03pm Author’s Note: Random idea, we’ll see how she runs… ————————————————————————-