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Posts about painting models, from specific techniques or materials to general overviews

  • How to Paint Faux Turquoise

    How to Paint Faux Turquoise

    I promised a friend to paint her a turquoise Clydesdale horse head magnet, easy-peasy right? I thought for sure the internet would have a bevy of articles on how to paint something to make it look like it was carved from turquoise.  But apparently, I’m the only one that’s trying this brand of madness. So a grabbed […]

  • How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

    How to Make Aged or Stained Model Fencing

    This is a continuation of the previous post on how to make Model Horse Fencing, which itself was a continuation of how to make Model Horse Display Bases. I think I’m starting a theme here! 😉 You would think with all the scale model hobbies out there that finding instructions on how to age scale […]

  • Painting Gray (Grey?) Hooves

    Painting Gray (Grey?) Hooves

    It occurred to me that I really should start documenting my research and how I’m doing things so I’m not the only one learning from my failures! (Also it saves me a heck of a lot of time if I can pull out a ‘recipe’ for hooves instead of starting from scratch.) Thus this post, […]

  • Customizing from a Shoebox

    The nice thing about customizing smaller model horses is that you don’t require much to get started– or to keep going! [Which you couldn’t tell from my closet of bodies and art supplies, but that’s a tale for another day…] Assuming you’re not looking to break out the epoxy and start sculpting, there are basically […]