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  • Cardinal Ornament #5

    Cardinal Ornament #5

    After painting a bunch of male cardinals I figured it would be fun to do a female colorway! Capturing the soft browns and grays was a lot of fun and I was very grateful to have the birdfeeders out front. There’s nothing quite like a first hand peek to see if you’re getting the colors […]

  • Cardinal Ornament #4

    Cardinal Ornament #4

    When I started preparing for the 2019 United Christian Parish Art & Craft Fair, I knew I wanted to bring some Paint-Your-Own resins along with me. To make things seem a little less overwhelming to buyers, I was trying to create ‘How to Paint’ blog posts for the various resins. This little guy was supposed […]

  • Cardinal Ornament #3

    Cardinal Ornament #3

    My third paint job on new molds always tends to be playful and this time was no exception! 😁 I decided to try and paint it with very thin washes of color, almost like a watercolor painting. It came out pretty well and I coated it with a heavy gloss shine to make it look […]

  • Cardinal Ornament #2

    Cardinal Ornament #2

    I painted the second copy at the same time I did #1 and did the same sort of loose faux-watercolor background– only this time I went with a blue background instead of green. The blue did make the cardinal pop a little more, but I think I like the more Christmas-y pairing of the straight […]

  • Cardinal Ornament #1

    Cardinal Ornament #1

    It’s time (once again!) for the United Christian Parish Art & Craft Fair, so instead of packing, I figured what better time to start filling out my missing art galleries! 😂 This was the very first paint job on this sculpt and I had a fun time playing around with ideas. The red comes through […]