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  • Wooden Butterfly #9

    Wooden Butterfly #9

    While searching for pictures of butterflies to use as a reference for #5 I ended up looking at a lot of flowers… and figured petals made pretty good wings! 😁 Based very loosely on Rozanne geraniums the wings are painted in acrylics to a shaded purple that is dark at the tips and fades down…

  • Wooden Butterfly #10

    Wooden Butterfly #10

    As I got towards the end of the October 2018 butterfly wave, I decided to make a more art deco pal for magenta butterfly #4 to hang out with! This little gal started with solid pink wings and black body in acrylics, then a purple paint pen pattern, then another layer of pink stenciling (to…

  • Wooden Butterfly #8

    Wooden Butterfly #8

    I decided I needed a butterfly in bright yellow as part of the 2017 kaleidoscope and was inspired to paint faux-flames by the paint’s name (Yellow Flame). So this little bunsen burner has both orange and blue flames dancing along its wings! This was one of the few butterflies done entirely in acrylics and it…

  • Wooden Butterfly #6

    Wooden Butterfly #6

    While I was painting the more realistic #5 I decided to play around with a similar color palette using the paint markers. I started with a solid orange acrylic basecoat and then added a layer of red and orange dots. Over that, I did the black and then the white dots. As you can see…

  • Wooden Butterfly #7

    Wooden Butterfly #7

    Sometimes you’ve just gotta dance! This dapper black butterfly is decked out dots and doodles of metallic flare and is ready to bring a little shimmy to wherever he lands. I painted him at the same time as I did #10 (back in October 2018) and the two of them were a fun waltz into…