Tag: Mold: Blue Jay Ornament

  • Blue Jay #002

    Blue Jay #002

    This little guy is a more ornate version of our backyard birds. Perched on a fluffy evergreen branch, he’s got an eye on the bird feeder and just waiting for us to refill the sunflower seeds! The metallic golden-brown background makes the realistic colored bird pop and I think he looks quite handsome hanging out […]

  • Blue Jay #001

    Blue Jay #001

    The very first blue jay ornament was painted in October of 2018 after one of the birds that hangs around in our yard. I think I managed to capture his cranky awesomeness, although you’ll have to imagine his constant musical cursing at the cardinals. 😂 There’s a bit of snow on his pine perch, but […]

  • Blue Jay #003

    Blue Jay #003

    In the grand tradition of painting one of the first three casts a silly color– I give you the DoomJay! 😂 This little guy is much more of a Halloween songbird, but you could probably sneak him into a Christmas tree when no one was looking. Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, FolkArt Acrylics (2901 Apple Red, 2900 […]