Model Horse Sales Pages Rotation: Take 2

I wasn’t paying attention when I created the first listing plan for Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) and I didn’t notice that the minimum length for the renew feature to work was 1 month. So instead of running on a two week rotation, now I’ve got to shuffle things around a bit.

I’ve finally gotten a few more horses off the workbench, so I have just enough to do any every-other-day posting schedule for May. While it’s not as consistent as a daily posting, the listings should still pop up often enough to bring in the page views. *crosses fingers* (more…)

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Model Horse Sales Pages : Listing Rotations

I’ve managed to roll into the second quarter without selling anything so it’s time to get serious about making a profit from the model horses—and that means getting serious about marketing!

The Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) website is the default sales/listing arena for the model horse hobby. No matter where or how people are selling, they post an ad here. The galleries contain everything from eBay auctions to direct sales, making MH$P one of the first places buyers visit. (more…)

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Expanding My Etsy Store

I really haven’t done much with the Etsy store since the first— for the most part it’s been a placeholder until I can finally get some products uploaded, which I hope to do this weekend.

The basic rule on Etsy is that you can sell finished crafts, crafting supplies, and vintage items (things over 20 years old). Oddly enough, I have stuff that will fit in all of those categories, so it’s time I started taking advantage of that. (more…)

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Name Recognition (or: Finding Your Tribe)

SunRunner Stables

The last time I was selling custom model horses I was a relatively familiar name in the hobby. I wasn’t the best artist by a long shot, but I was out there having a blast and making new friends.

I was active on Model Horse Blab and the various Yahoo Newsgroups. I tried to keep at least one horse up in action every day. I even ran the Hampton Roads Classic –a small live show in Virginia (small, but hopefully enjoyable!).

If people wanted silly colored Stablemates, they knew where to turn…. But that was five years ago and now I’m pretty much starting over from scratch.

So how do you gain name recognition in a loose-knit organization like a hobby? (more…)

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