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Model Horse Listing Rotations: Take 4

Round 1, Fight!

I’m starting to run out of 2013 and with my goal to at least break even this year, it’s time to get serious about my sales.

I’ve made stabs at getting a listing rotation done before, but that was primarily looking at the Model Horse Sales Pages and after looking at the traffic results I’ve moved away from that venue.

Which leaves me with just Etsy and eBay to build my scheduling around.

I’ve built up a nice little herd on Etsy and since the main page can only display 24 horses (6 x 4), anything beyond that isn’t going to catch the eye. I’d still like to keep most of the horses in the store, but it’s time to start up an eBay rotation to get the old horses moving out as the new horses move in. (more…)

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All Paths Lead To Etsy

Etsy Traffic Sources

Traffic to the Etsy store has died off over the past few months, due to a lack of new customs and general decline in outside marketing. But now that it’s a new year and a fresh start– time to start filling in the potholes.

As you can see the two ‘official’ model horse paths didn’t hold up to well, Model Horse Blab brought in 115 over an entire year and Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) brought in a measly 9. I’ve touched on this before, but I think the failure had a lot more to do with lack of time-in-chair than the venues. (more…)

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Model Horse Sales Pages Listing Rotations: Take 3

I’ve decided to take another stab at getting the two month rotational listings up and running over at the Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P). Although I haven’t had much luck in the past in terms of traffic to the website and the Etsy store, I figure it can’t hurt to give it one more test.

As a counter-weight, I’m also going to be posting the horses to other locations so I can test the various venues. Right now I know I’m doing Model Horse Blab, but I’m testing out some other ideas as well. (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Yahoo Groups, etc.) (more…)

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