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  • Kitties on the Prowl

    Druid Shapechanging Macros

    The best thing about druids is their ability to instantly change forms to match the situation. While I’m a bit more confined with my dual-boxing pair, taking full advantage of this isn’t something I’m willing to give up. When it comes to dual-boxing druids, keeping everyone in the right form can be a bit crazy. […]

  • Create Macros - Sheild - Illysu Illysa - World of Warcraft

    Target, TargetParty, Assist, Focus

    As I work my way through building more useful macros, I figured it couldn’t hurt to do a quick overview of the various commands and scripts I am using. While I get most of my information from the WoWWiki, I’ve found that it sometimes it’s easier to keep my own notes on how (and sometimes […]

  • Conjured Mana Pie - World of Warcraft

    Feed Me Seymour and FUDS NAO Macro

    The one thing you learn very very quickly while playing in the Dungeon Finder is that you had better come with at least a full stack of food and drink (and sometimes more than a full stack, if you happen to pull Wailing Caverns (hereafter refereed to as “Good God, Will this ever END?!?” ). […]