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Status updates on various writing works-in-progress including NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Novel_in_90 projects.

  • Post-November Blues

    Post-November Blues

    It’s the last month of the year, which means I’m starting to look over what I accomplished in 2020 (the twelve-month decade of doom). While it wasn’t anywhere near what I’d hope it would be back in my pre-pandemic hubris– it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared either. Even in the worst of times I […]

  • The Yearly Books are back!

    The Yearly Books are back!

    I’m very slowly going through the old yearly collection of the Saturday Story Prompts and re-releasing them on Amazon. I started with Book 5 (2014) because it was the easiest of the lot– I had already done some work on it at the beginning of the year (before the pandemic and all of the other […]

  • Once More Onto the Page

    Once More Onto the Page

    I’ve been writing a lot more words recently. #vss365 responses, blog posts, product descriptions… it seems like my muses are okay with everything except short stories (or serial stories). In order to try and get things moving again, I’ve started looking for beta readers for the first part of Too Old for Neverland. I figure […]

  • Another Story on the Fire

    Another Story on the Fire

    I’m slowly getting back into my creative ruts, but I have a feeling things will be a bit cyclical for a while yet.

  • Whispering into the Void

    Whispering into the Void

    This quote never fails to amuse me because I have a deep and abiding love for fan fiction and I think it’s glorious overabundance (and sometimes unashamed horribleness) would have given Wilde proper fits. ? Anywho. It’s been a month of apparent silence on the blog, but there has been some ‘invisible’ writing going on. […]