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Dual-boxing a team of two Hunters in World of Warcraft

  • Hunter Talents : Levels 15-19

    Hunter Talents : Levels 15-19

    The list of available talents in this post is a little different than the one in Levels 10-14. Since I’m putting all of my points into Beast Mastery for now, I’m not including those talents I can’t reach on the other trees (and it seems a little silly to relist their Tier 1 talents.) I […]

  • Hunter Talents : Levels 10-14

    Hunter Talents : Levels 10-14

    Until Cataclysm comes and changes life as we know it, listed below are the talents available to hunters for levels 10 through 14. Once you hit level 15 the next tier of talents are unlocked (assuming you have put all five points into one talent tree). I’d recommend picking one tree and sticking to it, […]

  • Hunter – Hunter Leveling – Level 24

    Hunter – Hunter Leveling – Level 24

    (Sorry for skipping ahead, I got caught up in questing and I made it to 24 before I finished the earlier posts.) At level 24 we pick up another rank in Raptor Strike (boo) and two new abilities. Beast Lore “Gather information about the target beast. The tooltip will display damage, health, armor, any special […]

  • Hunter Glyphs – First Major

    Hunter Glyphs – First Major

    Now that the Minor Glyph is out of the way it’s time to pick a Major… which is a much harder choice. There are currently six options available and the comments on Wowhead are a little confusing. I’ve searched for other discussions on the topics and I’ll be adding those links as I find them […]

  • Hunter Glyphs – First Minor

    Hunter Glyphs – First Minor

    My internet connection has been hovering between Poor and Cursing for the last week and a half. Hopefully this will be resolved by our switch from Cox Cable to Verizon, but we’ll see. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing there are certain hours of the weekdays and weekends where playing any sort of game […]