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Ramblings about whatever game I happen to be playing at the moment (most commonly World of Warcraft).

  • On Liebster Award and Blogging and Wow

    On Liebster Award and Blogging and Wow

    I was tagged the other day by in a meme that apparently has been running about the internet since 2010! (No idea how long it’s running in the WoW community, but now I’m sort of itching to find out…) Much like the Sixth Meme it’s a tagging bonzana, but there are some extra rules this […]

  • In Bank Alts We Trust

    In Bank Alts We Trust

    My name is Martha *dramatic pause* and I’m a pixel hoarder. I have now crammed poor Ashella’s bags and bank (and void storage) full to the brim with Soulbound items and it’s time to pull out the big guns– err, bags! Which means I need Pattern: Royal Satchel. Twelve days of Imperial silk seems a […]

  • Gearing Alts by Accident

    Gearing Alts by Accident

    Apologies to Jenny Joseph, but it’s been one of those, err– months? Years? I’ve forgotten how long I’ve been running around re-learning How Not To Die. Which is appropriate, given the settings. But I’m getting better at Not Dying, working out how to fit all the fun of Feral Feral’ing into fewer buttons (and more […]

  • Solo Feral Druid-ing (a Guide to Not Dying) : Part 1

    Solo Feral Druid-ing (a Guide to Not Dying) : Part 1

    Hello My Death, we meet again! In my thus far fruitless quest to Not Die to the giant birds of DOOM has taken a new turn. I’m actually putting research into my rotation instead of just flailing about madly. (To be fair, I’ve done pretty well flailing up until this point.) So, yes, time to […]

  • Embracing the Timeless-ness-ing

    Embracing the Timeless-ness-ing

    I’ve been cautiously setting paw in the new Timeless Isle… but apparently not cautiously enough, because I’m dying. LOTS. But amoungst the dying (and accidental clicking of Level 25 critters that I immediately surrender to) I have been collecting new gear! 😀 And then dying some more… but I’m slowly but surely moving my keybinds […]