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Fat Pony Magnet #42

Fat Pony #42

I was painting Fat Pony Magnets as donations for Big Orange Bash so you'd figure there'd be a lot of orange in the herd... but this little guy turned out to be the only one in the bunch!

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Fat Pony #001-003

Fat Ponies #001-003

It’s one of those universal truths… if you give me some sculpey, I’m going to sculpt horses! Well Fat Ponies, to be precise.;)

The completely unsurprising addition to the Fat Animal Magnet parade turned out to be one of the harder ones to cast. As you can see by the raw resin casts the mold picked up a few weird artifacts and I had some issues with bubbled in the hooves. I’m already working on a second version (this time testing out a non-silicone mold) that will hopefully sort things out.

Because if there’s one magnet you know I’m going to be painting herds of… this is it! 😀 (more…)

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