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High Tech Craft Fair Magnet Display

The Etsy Relaunch That Wasn’t

Technicolor Business Plans!

I had grand plans (and grand spreadsheets!) about an October relaunch of the Etsy store… that just didn’t happen. Between the craft fair and a bunch of other chaos, I never had the time to sit down and revamp the listings like I wanted to.

And I don’t really have the time this month either, which means I’ll miss out on the winter holiday rush. (Apparently most Etsy stores do a good portion of their sales in this timeframe, but historically I haven’t seen that big a bump. So I’m a little bummed, but not horribly.)

However, it does make me wonder about how I really want to go about the relaunch.


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Etsy Auto Renewal LIES!

Etsy Auto-Renewal and Other Broken Things

Etsy Auto-renewal is full of lies!

Remember my grand plan about working with the Etsy listings so they would fall into a pattern of one listing renewing every day? Well apparently I should have done a little more research into the actual functionality of the auto-renew first. *sighs*

The ‘auto-renew’ date is more of a ‘will renew within 48 hours after this date’ marker than anything concrete. Add that to the fact I’ll be focusing in on the body box trade for the next month and it looks like the ‘hands-free’ date of August 25th is a no-go. So… new plans! 🙂


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New Etsy Goals for July

2012 to 2017… and onwards!

July is another Camp NaNoWriMo attempt, so a lot of time will be spent writing prose… but I don’t want to let up on my Etsy improvements! 🙂

I’ve been spending a bunch of time reading up on the various tips and tricks for bringing in more traffic (and thus more sales). Thus far the one thing everyone agrees on is you need a decent number of listings that renew on a regular basis in order to rank well.

So for July I’m going to be focusing on a few things:


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