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  • De-Fandoming Hushed and White With Snow

    I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing again, so time for another Random Roll! (I’m using the six-sided dice over at Random.org because I still have found my whilst unpacking.) 6. Fan Fiction (Filing off the serial numbers) 1. Hushed and White With Snow And… whew. Of all the fan fiction on the list […]

  • De-fandoming The Short End of Forever

    I rolled this Stargate Atlantis AU for tonight’s Random Roll writing– and realized I need to file off the serial numbers before I can write anything. So this worldbuilding will have to do in place of a drabble, sorry all! Here’s a link to the existing fanfic over on an Archive Of Our Own (AO3). […]

  • Un-Fandoming Fiction

    So Long, and Thanks for all the Fics! I’ve decided to close down The Unforgotten Country website this weekend and move all of the fics over to AO3 (Archive Of Our Own). I’ve been maintaining my own archive just in case the other locations disappeared, but I realized I’m thinking in terms of the personal […]