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Final Result of the model horse template

Making a Model Horse Painting Template

Paint Test – Silver-bay Blanket Appaloosa

In order to test out new color combinations (or to make sure I have the colors right for a custom order) I use a basic horse template that I trace over and then paint over/in.

So of like a clothing or costume designers sketches, it’s meant as a very rough outline of what the final horse will look like– but it’s a lot easier to make sure the concept will work here and not on the model.

Over the years I’ve used a bunch of different outlines, but this time around I wanted to be able to use sketchbook paper since it wrinkles a lot less than the copier paper.

So I grabbed by trusty tiny sketchbook and started doodling! (more…)

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G3 Hanoverian Ears – My New Mortal Enemy!

First Victims!

I’ve been working, abet horribly slowly, on two new fantasy horses to get my head back in the customizing game. Since I still haven’t replaced my epoxy, these are going to be simple customs and a good chance to work on the basics.

The Mini Whinny is from the Giant Box Of Doom (i.e. my body box from five years ago) but the stablemate is a relatively recent addition. I have a lot of critters in the body box, but since many of them are molds that Breyer has stopped making, I’m reluctant to ‘waste’ them.


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Customizing from a Shoebox

The nice thing about customizing smaller model horses is that you don’t require much to get started– or to keep going!

[Which you couldn’t tell from my closet of bodies and art supplies, but that’s a tale for another day…]

Assuming you’re not looking to break out the epoxy and start sculpting, there are basically two sets of tools need for working with model horses. The first are used to prep the model horses and the second are used for the actual painting. (more…)

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