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Posts about customizing model horses, from specific techniques to general overviews

  • How to Prep a Breyer Mini Whinnie

    How to Prep a Breyer Mini Whinnie

    Preparing a Breyer Mini Whinnie for paint isn’t the same as prepping a Stablemate (or larger scale). These guys have a few weird quirks of their own!

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  • Painting Gray (Grey?) Hooves

    Painting Gray (Grey?) Hooves

    It occurred to me that I really should start documenting my research and how I’m doing things so I’m not the only one learning from my failures! (Also it saves me a heck of a lot of time if I can pull out a ‘recipe’ for hooves instead of starting from scratch.) Thus this post, […]

  • Making a Model Horse Painting Template

    Making a Model Horse Painting Template

    In order to test out new color combinations (or to make sure I have the colors right for a custom order) I use a basic horse template that I trace over and then paint over/in. So of like a clothing or costume designers sketches, it’s meant as a very rough outline of what the final […]

  • G3 Hanoverian Ears – My New Mortal Enemy!

    I’ve been working, abet horribly slowly, on two new fantasy horses to get my head back in the customizing game. Since I still haven’t replaced my epoxy, these are going to be simple customs and a good chance to work on the basics. The Mini Whinny is from the Giant Box Of Doom (i.e. my […]

  • Customizing from a Shoebox

    The nice thing about customizing smaller model horses is that you don’t require much to get started– or to keep going! [Which you couldn’t tell from my closet of bodies and art supplies, but that’s a tale for another day…] Assuming you’re not looking to break out the epoxy and start sculpting, there are basically […]