Camera Angles (Strip #12: Scooby-Doo Where Are You?)

...Okay, so there might be some of these strips I really want to redraw. *winces at the last panel* But comics are a learning process! This comic makes a little more sense if you know that the Quan are actually capable of talking and not just pets. They are actually just as intelligent as everyone else and perfect mimics, so their speech (when forced to step outside the swiss-army-knife of 'quan') is pre-recorded bits of other conversations. How I was supposed to pull that off in a comic was... confusing.

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Camera Angles (Strip #8: Final Fantasy Forever!)

Ah vintage console gaming... it will always be a thing! To be fair, the Holst aren't technical at all so Rasa never saw computers growing up. The Khriss love tech and wargames, so Maow has always been a gamer... even if he leans more towards FPS than RPGs. And seriously, if there was going to be a game franchise still mostly alive and kicking this far into the future Final Fantasy's not a bad bet! ;)

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Camera Angles (Strip #7: A Shoulder To Cry On)

You know it's a good comic when the fictives have breakdowns when they realize they're on camera! ;) Hehehe And lo, Maow has now been kidnapped into the storyline. At least I was kind enough to give him a script! I am really bad at background (among other things) so 'wall with a door and keypad' is pretty much high art. Once I get a little further on things pick up, but for now just enjoy the lack of clutter.... This strip also marks the appearance of dialog notes on the drawings, although they don't always match the final result.

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Camera Angles (Strip #6: When Wacky Neighbors Attack!)

This was the point at which I realised I sort of need a plot... and thus The Quest For A Plot storyline was born! Well, at least the foundation strips that built up to that storyline were born. There were still quite a few characters left to introduce before I could move into the 'real' adventure. I am still amazed that back when I did this strip (late-1990's) that I thought CRT's and consoles would exist in the future. I think I'm going to argue that all these folks are just retro enthusiasts.

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