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  • Library Fines and New Year’s Irresolutions

    Right now I owe the library $25.40 in late fees. Which isn’t that bad, considering the books were due April 20th (fines cap out at $5.00 a book). Not quite enough to buy used copies of all the books, but close. Part of this is due to the fact that I made a pile of […]

  • Read Moar Books #003

    I actually started reading the third book in the middle of reading the 4-Hour Work Week when I needed a break from the madness! Another ‘normal’-sized book (8.9 x 5.5) with 257 pages counting the Appendix and published in 2010, this looked like a nice solid read, hopefully packed with useful (and timely) information. I […]

  • Read Moar Books #002

    The second book was the first one I pulled from the shelf at the library, solely based on the fact that I recognized the title. This turned out to be a mistake, but at least I can put it on my ‘books I can admit to having read’ list. That being said, I’m not going […]

  • Read Moar Books #001

    The first book from the pile to read was also the first book I’ve ever read by Seth Godin. He’s gotten many a rave review so I nabbed the first book by him that I could find. Apparently folks like to steal his books, since many of the are marked as ‘extremely overdue’ or ‘missing.’ […]

  • *drops dead of shock*

    Clare Bell just friended me on Amazon. Clare Bell *has dragged her battered 20+ year old copy of Ratha’s Creature off the bookshelf and is just sort of staring at it in awe* This was one of my favorite books back in, err, junior high? It’s held together well only because I -destroyed- the library […]