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  • Building a KDP Select Bookshelf

    Building a KDP Select Bookshelf

    I’ve been meaning to put together a prompt book (or two) for KDP Select, but they demand exclusivity and all of my previous prompt collections were made of things already posted on the blog. Even the new prompt books I had been working on were designed to be blog-friendly, so those are also out of […]

  • Tweaking the TWWA Cover

    As I start to hack away at the current draft of The Wolves We Are I noticed that Scrivener had an option to import a cover… but when I went to grab the existing one I just didn’t like the look of it. The cover from last March isn’t a bad cover, certainly better than my first try […]

  • The Wolves We Are Cover Art (Rough)

    In preparation for April Camp NaNoWriMo’s eBook bonanza I’ve been trying to get cover art done for all the stories in the queue. The Saturday Story Prompt covers are easy (if time consuming), but the other stories are a bit harder… The basic goal for an eBook cover (for me) is to get something simple […]

  • Icons and Covers and Doodling, oh my!

    Part of the push to create an eBook of The Wolves We Are is to create actual cover art that’s not just a simple photo-manip. (To be honest, I probably need to redo every story icon I have, but I’m starting small.) I’m an artist, of sorts, but I’m not a designer– as you can […]

  • Designing a Simple eBook Cover

    As the eBooks start to pop up in the shelves of my Smashwords store, I figured now was a good time to take a moment to go over why they look the way they do. Unlike most of the eBooks out there, my covers aren’t very artistic– and there’s two very good reasons why: I’m […]