The Wolves We Are Cover Art (Rough)

TWWA, Take 2!

In preparation for April Camp NaNoWriMo’s eBook bonanza I’ve been trying to get cover art done for all the stories in the queue. The Saturday Story Prompt covers are easy (if time consuming), but the other stories are a bit harder…

The basic goal for an eBook cover (for me) is to get something simple that scales well and can be read easily all the way down to 75×100. Last check, both Amazon and Smashwords displays the thumbnails at 100×150, so I might need to revise that strategy upwards. *pokes image*

I think it turned out okay, although at the full resolution (1800×2400) it looks a little rough because it’s not true vector art. I really need to save up and buy Photoshop someday. Or learn how to properly use Gimp. Or just pay someone to design proper covers. (more…)

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Icons and Covers and Doodling, oh my!

The Wolves We Are Sketch

Part of the push to create an eBook of The Wolves We Are is to create actual cover art that’s not just a simple photo-manip. (To be honest, I probably need to redo every story icon I have, but I’m starting small.)

I’m an artist, of sorts, but I’m not a designer– as you can tell from the simplicity of the Saturday Story Prompt collections covers. Unfortunately I can’t afford to hire a real one, especially for a free eBook, so for now I’m going to have to make do.

And that means keeping the art as basic as possible.

After a boatload of sketches I ended up deciding to use a stained glass motif of the Baron and his sevens sons as the main Baron’verse icon. It’s a pattern that should shrink well and 90% of the use will be as an icon instead of a bookcover. (more…)

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