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  • Fat Pony #129

    Fat Pony #129

    This little gal is a custom ordered mini-me of the owner’s My Little Pony Blue Belle. I normally try to avoid painting copyrighted critters, but since this is a one-off and Hasbro seems fine with the custom pony fandom (and all the fanart) I figured I could sneak in a magnet without getting sued. That […]

  • Fat Pony #130

    Fat Pony #130

    Like your favorite pair of old jeans, this little lady brings a dash of comfortable reliability to whatever magnetic surface she lands on! She’s a solid blue with flaxen mane and tail and matching hooves. She’s got no chrome, but a lot of shine thanks to the high gloss finish. The blue is a bit […]

  • Wooden Butterfly #11

    This flashy fella was the last of the October 2018 butterfly flock (aka kaleidoscope). I love blue and gold so I figured I’d end the run on a high note! (I’m quite proud of myself for only painting two blue ones so far– the model horses heavily lean cerulean. 😅) He’s got a solid blue […]

  • Flat Cat Head #4

    Flat Cat Head #4

    I painted this little calico right before an art show– where he sold! So these are the only two good photos I have. Whoop. 🤦‍♀️ Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, FolksArt Acrylics (658 Antique Gold), and Apple Barrel Acrylics (20223 Pool Blue, 21486 Purple Iris, 21479 New Shamrock, 20504 Black).

  • Wooden Butterfly #1

    Wooden Butterfly #1

    What happens when an artist gets her hands on some new paint pens? …BUTTERFLIES! ? This little blue-green collection of dots was my first jump into the puddles of the paint pen world back in July 2017. I painted him with a flat acrylic basecoat and then went to town with the markers. After many […]