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The Editing Chainsaw

Two Years of the Megablog!

Okay, so technically various incarnation of my websites have been around a lot longer than two years (back to 1998 in fact), but June 23rd, 2010 was when I officially squished all the blogs together.

As you can see from the analytics below, the last year has been a rather giddy climb in terms of visitors and things that visitors are looking at. I’ve love for the numbers to keep ramping up, but right now I seem to have hit a happy plateau (save for random event-based spikes).

With a total of 1,679 posts now in the archives, I’ve got a solid foundation to build from—I just have to figure out which way to go! (more…)

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The Editing Chainsaw

One Year of the Megablog!

What Came Before

As of today, it’s been exactly one year since I started the grand insanity that was combining all of the mini-blogs into the One Blog To Rule Them All.

I wouldn’t have noticed the anniversary, since it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long, but my eye caught the old post title in the ‘Posts From this Day in Ages Past’ list. Nothing like a little nostalgia to hijack ones Muses…

The last year passed in a flash, but it’s not that shabby an accomplishment: one year is 365 days, 1,057 posts (763 imported and 294 new), 2,861+ visitors, and 7,026+ page views! (more…)

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