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Shared topics from the Blog Azeroth community. Sometimes I can spin them to a dual-boxing slant… but not always.

  • QuestHelper Light

    One vs Many? (Solo vs Party Questing)

    It figures, the one week I suggest a something for the Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic, I lose access to my main computer and WoW. Darnit Irene, bad hurricane, no biscuit! Time for another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! (Aug 29-Sept 4) World of Warcraft has millions of players, hundreds (if not thousands) of which play on […]

  • Bank + Bags = OMG

    Hoarders : The Azeroth Addition

    Once again it’s time for a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! Bags and Bank Capacity (August 8-14) is a topic near and dear to my heart, no matter how many characters I’m playing at once. Amerence from Amerence Love Wow brings us the following question: Would it be worth a try to suggest to Blizzard to […]

  • Home Sweet Home

    By Fire or Ice

    Once again it’s time for a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! The Consequences of Death in an MMO (June 13-19) is one of the few shared topics so far that has a direct impact on my microcosm of the hobby: I die a lot while dual-boxing (or at least I used to) so death is very […]

  • Conjured Mana Pie - World of Warcraft

    In Search of Bite-sized Pie

    This shared topic (May 16-22) is brought to you by Blog Azeroth and a now vanished post from Christine which has been reposted on Amerence Love WoW. If you are an mmo gamer/world of warcraft player, just curious what you eat while playing the game in real life… I’m coming at this week’s prompt a […]

  • Poof!

    Shapeshifting Addicts Anonymous

    “Hello, my names are Pattern & Recognition and I am a shape-changing addict…” Time again for another Blog Azeroth inspired post! (Mostly because I’m having a heck of a time working out the new action bar idea and I needed a break. With luck, I’ll have an updated post Tuesday on the various stumbling blocks […]