Tag: Accounting

  • October 2012 Balance Sheet

    Another month without sales, but with two more eBooks finished, so it wasn’t a total wash. I need to sit down and get the rest of the monthly eBooks caught up and post some of the new horses to Etsy. And win National Novel Wiriting Month of course. 😉 Actually the NaNoWriMo novel for this […]

  • September 2012 Balance Sheet

    I finally got an eBook done! (And that seriously deserves a few dozen more exclamation points, but I’m trying to be good. … !!!) But since it’s the first eBook, I threw it up with a coupon so that folks could download it for free until October, which will hopefully let me get any formatting […]

  • August 2012 Balance Sheet

    Finally another month in the black, woo! 😀 Of course it’s for a sale made last month (Little Miss Margins), but the payment took a long and winding route through the old USPS so things got a bit delayed. Still, that’s yet another horse galloping off to new shelves and while I’m glad to see […]

  • July 2012 Balance Sheet

    July was a bit of a nothing month, mostly because of the fact that work was a little crazy and life outside work was a bit worse. I did get out the last of the show donations, so that’s one thing off my endless To-Do List. As always, I need to start putting more time […]

  • Submitting the ST-9 Online (or: Virginia Sales Tax, Redux)

    I got a nice note in my PO box last month from Virginia Department of Taxation… which politely said ‘Use Our Online Forms or PERISH!’ Well, okay, not perish… more like ‘Oh look, the internet exists! Let’s use that instead!’ But since I’ve been wanting to file online (and save myself the stamp), now’s as […]