Looking for SunRunner Stables and/or custom models horses painted by Martha Bechtel (or Martha McMahon)?

Well look no further!

Well, almost no further– you’ll still need to either click on the Model Horse Gallery page link or on the Arts &
link in the header.

I’ve recently merged all of my websites into one massive Blog To End All Blogs(tm). Things have been a little ruffled up in the move, so please let me know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

To The Nines
Landshark's Shadow
Little Lincoln

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  1. Mackenzie

    Would you customize horses that are traditional or classic?

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Not normally — I’ve only finished one Traditional model (Alternative Polka) and I’ve never managed to complete anything else bigger than a Stone Chips/Breyer Littlebit.

      That’s not to say I haven’t tried… I have plenty of classic and traditional bodies on the shelves that are in various stages of work. But they’ve been that way for almost a decade, so, erm, I think my Muses are too ADHD to ever complete them.

      Which is why I love micro minis! *grin*

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