Traditional Scale (1:9) Modular Model Horse Dressage Fencing (Combo, Two Sections)


This listing is for five pieces of a 1:9 (Breyer Traditional) scale modular free-standing dressage fence in white. It consists of two rails and three straight bases. These can be combined to create one or two complete sections of fencing.

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This listing is for five pieces of scale modular free-standing dressage fence in white. These would be in scale for most Breyer Traditional models, Stone ‘Stone’ models, Mego dolls and other 1:9 scale setups.

The combo consists of two rail sections and three rail bases to make a single or double section of fence. I also do custom orders, so please drop me a line if you are looking for larger combo sets or corner bases.

Product Info

The fence is made of basswood and has been sanded, assembled with wood glue, and painted white. It has been coated with matte varnish so you can wipe it with a damp cloth, but you can’t soak it in water.

The fence is relatively sturdy, so it should hold up to basic wear and tear, but is not intended for young children. This prop is meant for adults (or young adults) who are using it for careful play, display, Photo Show, or Live Show setups.

The fence in the photos is only an example, but I have built jigs and other tools that allow me to make sure all pieces are identical enough to be interchangeable. I do my best to make sure things are a consistent shape and fit together well, but these are handmade items so they will not be 100% identical.

Order Timelines

These fences are made to order. Depending on the amount ordered and my current wood stockpile, there may be a delay in construction. Otherwise the combo will take roughly a week to build, as both the glue, paint, and sealer all need time to dry before shipping.

If you need the fence by a certain date: please contact me first to make sure I can fulfill the order.

Actual Size

The wood is cut by hand and then sanded, so sizes are approximate.

The rails are 16 inches long, 11/16 tall, and 1/8 thick. They are made from a 1/2 plank plus a 3/16 plank that have been combined with wood glue and smoothed with wood putty, which is why I’m unable to offer stained versions.

The bases are 1 7/16 inches high, 1 1/2 inches long, and 1 5/16 inches wide. They stack for storage!

Scale Size

In 1:9 scale (Breyer Traditionals, Stone ‘Stones’, Mego) the rails would be 12 feet long and 6 3/16 inches wide, and 1 1/8 inches thick. The bases are 1 foot 15/16 inches high, 1 foot 1 1/2 inches long and 11 13/16 inches wide.

To see if this fence will work with your model, it can be helpful to assemble a paper version and see how it looks. I do take custom orders, so if you need a fence that’s larger or smaller, please drop me a line at


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