Pre-made Plywood Bridge and Water Hazard (Golden Oak, Micro Scale, 1:64)


This listing is for a premade scale model wooden bridge and tarp. The bridge is meant for use in western trail class setups and will work with Breyer Mini Whinnies, Artist Resin Micro Minis, and S and O scale models.

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This listing is for a pre-made scale model plywood bridge and tarp which are in scale for most Breyer Mini Whinnies, Micro scale artists resins/pewters, and S scale model trains. (The horses, bases, and other props are not included.)

The bridge is meant for use in western trail class setups and meets the requirements for the AHQA SHW467.4 Ride over wooden bridge.

Also included is a faux-blue tarp that fits into the bridge when flipped over, allowing it to be used as a water hazard. The tarp can also be used by itself, as it’s quite sturdy.

I have all of the Maggie Bennett Monthly Micros as well as most of the Breyer Mini Whinnies so if there is a specific model you would like to see the bridge with, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide photos. I also do custom orders, if you are interested!

Construction & Details

The bridge is made of basswood and has been sanded, assembled with wood glue, stained in Minwax 210B Golden Oak, and weathered/worn. It’s coated with matte varnish so you can wipe it with a damp cloth, but you can’t soak it in water.

The blue tarp is a piece of standard printer paper that has been carefully shaped and then coated in wood glue, acrylic paint, and multiple coats of matte and gloss sealer. The silver grommets are painted on, they are not useable.

It is water-resistant but not long-term water-proof. You can fill it with a tiny amount of water for a live show or photoshoot, but if you let it sit for several hours, it will likely get damaged.

The bridge and tarp are relatively sturdy, so they should hold up to basic wear and tear, but are not intended for young children. My props are meant for adults (or young adults) who are using it for careful play, display, Photo Show, or Live Show setups.

Actual Size

The bridge is 1 3/4 inches long, 3/4 wide, and 1/8 inches tall. The framing boards are 3/32 x 3/32 and the ‘plywood’ top is 1/32 thick.

Scale Size

In 1:64 scale (Breyer Mini Whinnies, Artist Resin Micro Minis, S scale) this would be 9 feet and 4 inches long, 4 feet wide, and 8 inches tall, and the plywood top would be 2 inches thick.

In 1:54 scale (Maggie’s Micros) this would be 7 feet 11 inches long, 3 feet 5 inches wide, and 7 inches tall, with a top slightly under 2 inches thick.

In 1:48 scale (Large Micro Minis, O scale) this would be 7 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 6 inches tall, with a 1 1/2 inch thick top.

To see if this bridge will work with your model, it can be helpful to assemble a paper version and see how it looks. I do take custom orders, so if you need a fence that’s larger or smaller, please drop me a line at


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