Pre-made 5″ Four-Rail, Two-Post Fence (White, Removable, Stablemate Scale, 1:32)


This listing is for one removable scale model fence. Perfect for displaying with Breyer Stablemate scale model horses or 1 Gauge model trains!

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This listing is for a pre-made model four-rail, two-post fence, painted white. This fence is in scale for most Breyer Stablemates and 1 gauge model trains. (The horses, bases, and other fences are not included.)

I was playing around with the rail spacing with this one– still not sure if I like this more centered look or the evenly spaced version. The metal posts are also shorter (1/4 inch) as I was testing out how short I could go with them before there were issues. I did end up going with the longer pegs (3/8 inch) as a standard, but this one will also stand straight without issues.

This fence is also a less-bright white than the others. I was trying for a sort of weathered/white-washed look, so I didn’t do as many layers.

This fence is designed to work with my 3×5 bases with Template A post holes. Technically, you can use a Template A fence in a Template D base (since a D is just two A’s stuck together) but it will look silly, as you can see in the last photo. I have built jigs and other tools that allow me to make sure all fences are identical enough to be interchangeable.

I have a bunch of the Breyer Stablemate molds so if there is a specific model you would like to see the fence with, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide photos. I also do custom orders, if you are interested!

Actual Size

This fence is 5 inches long and 2 inches tall with 3 inches between the metal posts. It’s made from basswood using 1/4 inch square dowels for the posts and 3/16 inch wide and 1/16 inch thick planks for the rails. The top to the top rail is 2 inches, the wide spacing between the rails is 3/8, the narrow spacing is 1/4, and the height to the bottom of the bottom rail is 1/8.

Scale Size

In 1:32 scale (Breyer Stablemate, 1 gauge), this fence is 5 feet 4 inches high and there are 8 feet between the posts. The posts are 6 x 6 and the rails are 8 x 2. The top of the top rail is 5 feet 4 inches high and the wide spacing between the rails is 1 foot and the narrow spacing is 8 inches. The spacing from the ground to the bottom of the bottom rail is 4 inches.

Construction & Details

The fence is sanded, assembled with wood glue, and painted with acrylics. It has been coated with matte varnish so you can wipe it with a damp cloth, but it can’t soak in water. The metal pegs are made from paperclips that have been cut and sanded, but are still quite poke-y because of the narrow diameter.

It’s relatively sturdy, so it should hold up to basic wear and tear, but is not intended for children. This fence is meant for adults (or young adults) who are using it for a display or Photo Show setup.

This fence will not stand on its own. It needs something you can stick the wire peg legs into, like floral foam or one of my awesome grass bases! If you would prefer the fence to come without metal posts, just let me know.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in