Model Horse Grass Display Base With Fence (1:64 Scale, Square 4×4)


This is a premade 4-inch square grass base with a permanently attached fence in 1:64 scale (Breyer Mini Whinnie/Micro Mini).

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This is a pre-made grass base with permanently attached fencing in 1:64 scale (Breyer Mini Whinnie/Micro Mini). I also make custom bases, if you need a slightly different fence scale. (Note: The horses shown are not included, this listing is for one grass base and attached fence.)

The base may be too small to be used for photo showing and is primarily meant for display purposes.

The base is a 4-inch square with an approximately 3.5-inch square grass surface. The fence has inch tall posts and is attached near one edge of the base, inset roughly a quarter of an inch.

The wooden base was sanded, painted black and green, finished in a slightly glossy matte sealer, and then covered with model train grass. The grass is attached in multiple layers with a mixture of water and Elmer’s wood glue. The base has been through several tap and wind tests to make sure it’s pretty sturdy.

The fence is made from basswood, stained with Minwax 230 Early American, assembled and attached with wood glue, and finished with a matte sealer. It is relatively sturdy, but if you pick up the base by the fence it can break. Instructions on how to make these fences can be found here.

An additional bag of grass is included in case the base is ever damaged. The grass can be attached with a mixture of water and Elmer’s glue (wood or white). Instructions on how to repair the base (and how it was made) can be found here.

The base will ship in a handmade cardstock box that will protect it during shipping and can be used for storage. The base is lifted out via the long strip of cardstock under it and is held in place by two curved cardstock buffers. Remove the buffers first and then lift out the case.

Materials used: Artminds Wooden plaque, Green and black acrylic craft paints, basswood, Minwax 230 Early American, Krylon matte sealer, wood glue, white glue, and train grass (Woodland Scenics, T49 Blended Turf, Green).

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