Ha’penny (Custom Breyer Stablemate Highland Pony)


Ha’penny is a custom Breyer Stablemate Highland Pony painted to a faux-bay tobiano in gold and bronze.

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I totally meant to paint this pony a serious color, something realistic and dashing like a nice flaxen chestnut with a tiny touch of chrome… and then I got sidetracked by pictures of Bling and the urge to dunk her in metallics was too powerful to resist.

My fantasy Muses come heavily armed. *solemn nod*

This little gal has nine thousand coats of gold, since even the Liquitex has coverage problems. I spent way too many hours holding her up to the light and turning her around trying to make sure I had even shine coverage. I’m still a little paranoid that I missed a spot.

You can’t tell it from the photos, but she’s got tri-color eyes and a glossy finish. I got these photos without using the flash, so she’s a bit shinier in real life.

There’s a little roughness in the bronze tobiano pattern so I’m not sure I’d consider her LSQ but honestly, it depends who she’s in the ring with. She’s a Breyer Stablemate Highland Pony whose ears are carved out a bit more but otherwise, I’ve made no changes to the mold—it’s one of the few G3’s that I don’t have an urge to immediately dremel. 😂

Breyer Stablemates are  1:32 scale model horses and are approximately 4″ long by  3″ high. This little gal is photo show quality and may be live show quality, but I haven’t shown in years. If you would like additional photos, just let me know!

Medium: Liquitex  White Gesso, Liquitex Acrylics (Mars Black, Burnt Sienna, Bright Gold, Metallic Bright Bronze)