Flat Cat Head #16


Flat Cat Head magnet #16 is a cute little green and white cat face with closed eyes, lighter ears, a green nose, and no whiskers.

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Flat Cat Head #16 is a cute little green and white with closed eyes, lighter ears, a green nose, and no whiskers.

The second of the green trio was a fat happy little faux-tuxedo cat. He’s lost in happy dreams of gushy food and mouse toys and is just looking for a nice kitchen to nap in!

The Flat Cat Heads are roughly 2 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall and are made from a sturdy mixture of plaster and wood glue. They’ve been coated with several layers of gloss sealer so you can wipe them clean with a damp cloth… but they probably shouldn’t go for a swim!

Still, these little guys are Art and not Toy, so they’ll still be heading for the morgue if it hits the floor. Or at least their ears will (the magnets cover enough it should protect the rest of them).

My plaster magnets are hand-cast from handmade silicone molds of my own sculpture. Thus no two will be exactly alike! I’m still learning how to make molds and how to plaster cast, so things aren’t perfect (yet) and I’ve tried to show off any flaws in the photos.

The magnets on the back of this cat are flat strips and have been attached with superglue and wood glue. They are strong enough to hold up a paper on a swinging door, but not cardstock. If you would like a stronger neodymium magnet instead, convo me for a custom order!

Flat Cat Heads come in a small plastic bag with a handmade tag, but you can add an optional handmade cardstock giftbox. They make a cute little gift or stocking stuffer for a cat crazy human!

Medium: Liquitex White Gesso, and Apple Barrel Acrylics (21479 New Shamrock, 21474 Spiced Carrot, 21472 Jack-o-lantern, 20587 Spring Green, 21464 Cameo Pink, 20503 White, 20504 Black).

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