Custom Order Model Horse Display Base (Rectangle 5×7)


This is a custom-made Display or Photo Show base for model horses or other animals. The base is a 5×7 inch rectangle and will be painted and turfed per the customer’s request.

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This listing is for a made-to-order custom base using one of the 5 x 7 rectangular pinewood plaques. The base will be sanded, painted in acrylics, and then covered with scale model landscaping. Post holes for Template A or custom-made fencing is also available. (The horses, fencing, and other props are not included.)

The base is 7 inches long and 5 inches wide, at the widest points. The terrain-covered area will be roughly 6.75 by 4.75 (which is slightly too small for Template D fencing).

I currently have both grass and sand terrain cover, but am willing to experiment with other surfaces as needed! The terrain is attached in multiple layers with a mixture of water and Elmer’s wood glue and will go through several tap and wind tests to make sure it’s pretty sturdy.

An additional bag of grass (and/or sand) is included in case the base is ever damaged. Instructions on how to repair the base (and how it was made) can be found here.

The base will ship in a cardboard box with a built-in jig that can be used for storage (as long as you open the box carefully).

Order Timelines

The current inventory for this base shape matches this listing, so if you purchase this as a backordered item, there may be a delay in construction. Otherwise the base will take roughly a week to build, as both the glue, paint, and sealer all need time to dry before shipping.

If you need a base by a certain date: please contact me first to make sure I can fulfill the order.