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The only thing she knows is true anymore is that the dragon needs to die.

Welcome to the homepage for my 2017 NaNoWriMo novel!

YANS stands for ‘Yet Another New Story’ because I have a much better track record winning NaNo with new ‘verses.

Since last year worked out well, this year’s attempt will also be a combination of MuseFic and a proper rough draft. The story will be completed at the end of November… even if the story isn’t really complete. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Right now the basic shape of the story is about a girl who attempts to kill a dragon but ends up becoming its apprentice instead. I worked out some of the details in the October MuseFic story Words Before Worlds (plotting, world-building, etc.), but as always things are changing as soon as I started putting words on paper.

Read at your own risk/amusement: There will most likely be spelling and grammatical errors afoot as well as flat-out bad writing, info dumps, plot holes, contradictions/retcons, uneven characterization, and pacing.

Summary and Theme

One Sentence Summary: After a flood kills her family a girl sets off on a mission to kill the dragon responsible.
Tagline: The only thing she knows is true anymore is that the dragon needs to die.
Central Theme: Be careful what you wish for? The good of the many? Multigenerational town management techniques? Don’t mess with wild magic?
Genre: High Fantasy (Second World Fantasy)
Blurb: A girl sets out to kill a dragon, but ends up fighting something much stronger (and much older) to save her town.

General Outline

Day 1 (Ready, Set, Go!) โ€“ In which the Writer settles in to write, Khany sets off on her adventure, and not-Daniel falls in love…

Day 5 (False Starts, Fibs, and Fall Colds) โ€“ In which the Writer starts catching up, the Dragon meets Khany, and pre-plotted things start to unravel…

Day 6 (Fantasy Travel Agents) โ€“ In which there is a pause to describe the setting. Because reasons….

Day 7 (Magic Eight Balls and Murky Futures) โ€“ In which Khany moves in, scrying is scry’d, and not-Daniel is introduced (sort of)…

Day 11 (Too Long; Didn’t Write) – In which Jashn gets a name and an epic backstory!

Day 11 Redux (Magical Rules and Regulations) – Much scrying. Very pools.

Day 12 (I Scry With My Little Eye…) – In which there is debate about the actual plot… and more scrying.

Day 12 P.S. (Something, Something, Plot!) – In which there is scrying, discovery of a possibly decent plot, and Jashn arrives!

Day 12 P.P.S. (Plan Z) – In which Dragon gets a backstory and more dragonic worldbuilding is discussed.

Day 13 (Of Writers and Blocks) – In which things don’t go much of anywhere and they call it a day. (MuseFic only)

Day 14 (Whose Story Is This Anyways?) – In which Jashn meets Dragon, motivations are hashed out, and Khany Learns A Thing.

Day 16 (A Sudden Jump to the Right) โ€“ In which there is a smidge more dragonic worldbuilding and the plot timeline takes a sudden left… and then gets better.

Day 18 (We Didn’t Start the Fire) โ€“ In which the Writer prepares for ENOWE, there is Unexpected Villainy, and the plot only derails a little bit.

Day 18.2 (…And Now What?) โ€“ In which everyone attempts to make sense of the mess caused by the last chapter.

Day 18.3 (I’d Like to Phone a Friend) โ€“ In which the gang visits Dragon’s mentor and is given exposition and sandwiches. (Well, maybe not the sandwiches.)

Day 19 (Well That Was Easy) โ€“ In which the Writer and Muse try and make sense of it all. And succeed. A little bit. (MuseFic only)

Day 20 (Plot Points, Plot Points Everywhere!) โ€“ In which Writer figures out more worldbuilding by accident, the bad guy gets a POV, and there is a Cool Training Montage.

Day 22 (The Middle of the End) โ€“ In which all the little piggies go to town…

Day 23 (And Then They Fight!) โ€“ In which they try and convince the dragon from the City By the City and the FIGHT BEGINS!

Day 24 (How Magic Do) โ€“ In which magic gets some explanation and the dragon from the City By the City does some waiting.

Day 25 (Back Side Stories, Gogogo!) โ€“ In which Jashn and the dragon of the City By the Sea plot evil plots, Khany gets more random backstory, and Dragon becomes Tony Stark. For reasons.

Day 25, Part II (Mighty Morphin Power Jashns) โ€“ In which our heroes battle the Big Bad and then The Unthinkable Happens!

Day 25, Part III (At Last We Come to the Beginning of the End) โ€“ In which there is magical tube travel, flying, and retcon’ing in said magical tubes.

Day 27 (THINGS. FOR REASONS.) โ€“ In which the Writer rambles incoherently. Ish. (MuseFic only)

Day 28 (Into the Valley of Death) โ€“ In which Dragon invents lots of things, pool magic is poked at (again), and the battle resumes!

Day 28, Second Verse (Dance Magic Dance) โ€“ In which the actual story itself comes to a close. Inelegantly, but a close nonetheless.

Day 29.a (Salvaging a Story) โ€“ In which the general shape of the story is reviewed, the final battle is tweaked, and magic is worldbuilt just a little bit more.

Day 29.b (It’s All In The Cliff Notes) โ€“ In which there is talk about magic, magitech, lack of consequences, and issues of tone… (Mostly MuseFic)

Day 30 (At the End of All Things) โ€“ In which 50k has been hit, formatting has been done, and they shelve the story until January. (MuseFic only)

Cast List

Dragon โ€“ A male dragon. Large. Ancient (compared to humans) but not immortal. Brown and green mottled scales with random moss growth? Has decorative feathers in spots. Golden eyes the size of a human head, neck like a heron, slender and wiry. This is a young dragon and he is only a few millennia old. He was trained by a wandering dragon (whom he worked for as a personal assistant) who retired to the wilderness when things got too civilized. His voice is tree themed. He founded the town that Khany lives in and is very protective of it.

Khany/Kahny/Dog(?) โ€“ A female human of undetermined age, but young, whose entire family is killed in a massive flood. She may or may not be turned into a generic tan lab-golden retriever cross by the dragon, with one white foot and a light saddle pattern (like a German Shepherd). Has a wild magic spark.

The Magistrate – The leader of the town Khany lives in. Very nice and well meaning sort of guy, but not good with dealing with sudden drama.

Jashn (not-Daniel Jackson) – A male human that current resembles Daniel Jackson from Stargate because he is an ass and refuses to be more original. He was an orphan raised by the dragon temple at the City By the Sea and is in line to be the next dragon for that city. He is over seven hundred years old and has many dragonic aspects (shapeshifting, magic manipulation), but is not yet a full dragon. He is a white feathered serpent and his voice is ??? themed.

City by the Sea Dragon – A female dragon who is very very old (roughly the same age as Dragon’s mentor). She is more of a chinese/snake dragon with scales that are blue and green a and change color. She has six sets of legs and looks ferret-like, her body is gradually furrier as it moves down from her head and her tail is a bushy squirrel tail. Her voice is water themed.

Dragon’s Mentor Dragon – A male dragon who is older than the city by the sea dragon. He wandered the world for centuries, but got annoyed by the expanding human population and retired to a remote valley with a lake.